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Nico Pauly: Manual Neurotherapy and Applied Kinesiology

Therapy en Coaching in chronic pain conditions

Member of I.A.S.P (International Association for the Study of Pain)

Pain and/or general discomfort, is a complex mechanism in which the nervous system plays a central role.
In addition to medical interventions, there are numerous other recognized treatments such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, manual therapy and other...

The treatment in my practice is based on 3 pillars.

1. Manual Neurotherapy.

In treatment, the Manual Neurotherapist always assumes all components that contribute to the pain or general discomfort. Therefore he/she always keeps in mind how the musculoskeletal system, organs- hormone and immune system communicate with each other and how it affects the nervous system. 
The techniques focus on all parts of the pain in order to repair the failures in communication between the various systems.

  1. Anamnesis and testing.
    A thorough search for symptoms and signs is combined with a number of tests for the peripheral and central nervous system.
  2. Manual techniques on the body.
    These can include: massages on peripheral nerves, mobilizations of joints and peripheral neural pathways, mobilizations of the organ system and techniques on the head and skull to dampen overactivity in the brain.

  3. Nerve reflex points on the foot and foot reflexology.
    On the foot, points can be pressed that have a very precise effect on all parts of the nervous system. These can be supplemented with foot reflexology. This involves working on reflex areas of the foot soles related to organs and hormone glands. An excellent way to stimulate functions of organs and hormones. 

2. Applied Kinesiology.

This is a sophisticated test method to detect dysfunctions in the different systems and brain.
The resistance of various muscles is tested. The resistance force of a muscle gives an indication about the functions of a particular organ or hormone gland or a part of the brain. 
I use kinesiology mainly to quickly understand the relationship between the pain complaints and the dysfunctions in organs, hormone glands, immunity and brain. This leads to a more precise treatment.
The muscle tests can be used as a control tool to check whether the treatment techniques have the desired effect. 

Moreover, I can measure very precisely which dietary supplements will work most efficiently. As a result, an abundance and expensive use of sets of, often useless, supplements is avoided.


3. Coaching.

This includes explaining the symptoms and their connections, advices to reduce pain or general discomfort, to control and to strive for a functional recovery. Depending on the nature of the symptoms and the needs of the patient, the advices can be:
- movement and exercise therapy,
- gradual build-up of load,
- nutrition, dietary supplements and other...


As a member of the I.A.S.P. (International Association for the Study of Pain),  as a manual neurotherapist-physiotherapist and by thorough continuous study of pain physiology, I have gained a rich experience in treating and coaching chronically complex pains.
I have also for 30 years as a teacher for therapists in the context of continuing, after-school training.

 Treatments and advice are covered by the normal convention of physiotherapy and are reimbursed by the health funds on the presentation of a physiotherapy prescription by a doctor. Treatments without a prescription are also possible but will not be refunded.  

I invite you to inform you on this site about the treatment and understanding of the pain. If you can find yourself in this concept you can always contact me for treatment or advice.




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E-mail:     nico@pijncoach.be


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